Stay Active, Eat Healthy

The Stay Active Eat Healthy® program is an evidence-based capacity building initiative developed in BC.  Stay Active Eat Healthy® aims to increase the provision of healthy food and beverages while restricting unhealthy options in municipal and community recreation facilities.

The objectives of Stay Active Eat Healthy® are to: 

  • support recreational facilities and to take a leadership role within the community to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by providing healthy choices in vending machines, snack bars, food concessions, programs and events to benefit both workers and the public;
  • facilitate collaborative approaches between industry and recreation facility staff to provide and promote a wider range of healthy choices.

This website is designed to provide easy access to a full range of information, tools and resources for municipal recreation facility staff, industry and consumers.

Information is divided into three sections: 

For Recreation Facilities section is designed for managers of recreation facilities and for program leaders. Here, you will find a toolkit with all the program implementation and marketing materials that are part of the Stay Active Eat Healthy® program, along with additional resources that will help you launch, maintain and evaluate your local program.

For Industry section is for 'Suppliers' and designed for vending, concessions and food and beverage companies that supply recreation facilities and local government buildings. Here, you will find information about the implementation of the Stay Active Eat Healthy® program, along with additional resources that will help you participate.

For Consumers section provides information on healthy eating and active living.

Stay Active Eat Healthy® is a registered trademark of the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA).