Stay Active Eat Healthy Industry Series Promising Practices

Making healthier food choices can also be the easier choice for customers and the public thanks to leaders in the food and beverage industry who are paving the way to a healthier lifestyle with their products and services. These Promising Practices videos highlight successful initiatives within the government and recreation sector implemented by members of the food and beverage industry that serve as an example of good practices to others.

Please keep in mind that these videos were created in the early stages of this initiative where the language used was 'Choose Most' instead of the current language of 'Sell Most'.

Eat Well, Play Well

How a recreation centre partnered with concession and vending business

Vending Products

How three companies took on the healthy choices challenge

Nutrition for You

How a retailer partnered with recreation centre to advance healthy choices

Oven-baked Pita Chips

How a food manufacturer reformulated their products to meet the healthy choices guidelines.

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