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This section is a portal that will take you into the world of information about healthy food and beverage sales. There's everything from the Brand Name Food List, to industry information, to provincial government guidelines. Each summarizes the set of guidelines, report or website and provides links to further information. It's food for the brain.






Stay Active Eat Healthy Program Resources

  1. The Brand Name Food List provides nutrition ratings for packaged and franchised foods and beverages to help you find “Sell Most” and “Sell Sometimes” items that meet BC's nutrition standards for schools and public buildings.
  2. The Healthier Choices in Vending Machines in B.C. Public Buildings Policy Paper outlines the provincial government's initiative to encourage the sale of healthy vending machine products in BC's public buildings as part of the government's strategy to reduce health care costs by improving individual health. The policy paper covers which buildings are affected.
  3. The Industry Meeting Report provides an overview of the May 2008 meeting with B.C. food industry and its support systems to make the sale of healthy food and beverages easier and more accessible in public buildings across the province, including recreation facilities and local government buildings.
  4. The Stakeholder Survey comprises part of a larger communications and marketing plan that includes key positioning messages, fact sheets, questions and answers, a brochure and point-of-purchase marketing materials.
  5. The Stakeholder Survey Charts presents the survey data in an easy-to-read chart format.
  6. The BCRPA Magazine's Winter 2009 edition focuses on healthy food and beverage sales planning.

General Resources

  1. The Cost of Physical Activity in British Columbia includes important information for anyone who is making the case for a program that promotes and supports increased physical activity among all age groups as part of an integrated active living and healthy eating strategy.
  2. The Coalition of Active Living represents over 100 organizations across Canada dedicated to promoting environments that support regular physical activity. The website provides valuable facts and information that can help you in developing an integrated active living, healthy eating strategy.
  3. The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability promotes, supports and enables Canadians with disabilities to lead active, healthy lives.
  4. The BC Nutrition Survey includes comprehensive, up-to-date information on the eating habits of adult British Columbians. The survey was a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Health Canada and the University of British Columbia. The results will be used by government and health organizations to evaluate existing programs and policies and to plan future ones.
  5. The School Food Sales Policy report provides detailed information about the types of foods and beverages currently available in B.C. schools, and how the nutritional levels of these foods and beverages have changed since the first report was published in 2005.
  6. Healthy Eating At School is aimed at encouraging healthy eating at school. It is a partnership between The B.C. Government, B.C. Dairy Association and Knowledge. The website provides schools with all the resources they need to implement nutrition policy at school.


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