Taking Part

There's no shortage of information showing the benefits of a healthy diet, of research showing it's a top priority for the vast majority of consumers when they make decisions about what food and beverages to buy, or of studies showing that switching to healthy food and beverage products can lead to increased sales and profits.

That's why we're asking for your help to make the Healthy Food and Beverage Initiative a success in all recreation facilities and government buildings - with your support we know it can be. On-site food and beverage sales are an important source of revenue for participating facilities, vending companies and food and beverage suppliers.

We're committed to working with suppliers in a positive and collaborative way, and providing tested marketing materials to ensure the initiative is a success. And we have every reason to believe it will be: market research shows healthy items become popular when effectively promoted and managed, even leading to increased sales and profits. That's good news for everyone.

Within the "For Industry" section of this website, you'll find information that will help you learn about and participate in the initiative, so we all benefit.