Step 3: Create a Plan for Change

Now that you’ve gained commitment from staff and senior management it’s time to create an action plan for becoming a Healthy Choices Facility. You may want to pull together a Healthy Choices Committee to oversee the action plan (e.g. relevant decision makers, Registered Dietitian, community nutritionist, concession/cafeteria staff, etc.). See Recruiting a Healthy Choices Committee for further information.

This section outlines the different areas within your facility that you may wish to tackle, and ideas for action. You will also find a template Healthy Choices Implementation Plan to use for facilitating this process.

While you might not be able to address every area at once you can still make a big difference by targeting one area at a time. Once you’ve been successful in these, move on to your next healthy choices goal.

plan for change


Tips from facility staff

  • Know your clientele
  • Different venues will have different clientele and will require different products to be successful.
  • Facilities with many seniors programs or health and fitness classes do better with healthy choices vending and concessions.