Rec Facilities

This section is designed for individuals working within a recreation setting who wish to learn more about how to provide healthy foods and beverages in their facility.

Here, you will find a toolkit designed to inform, inspire and assist you in changing your facility’s food environment. It contains an overview of the food environment, a step-by-step approach to offering healthy choices as well as individual actions and ideas to help you achieve your healthy choices goals. The following information and resources can be used by both large multiplex recreation facilities and small one-room facilities in rural communities and adapted based on what is most appropriate for your setting.

You will find an abundance of resources including forms to assess your facility, information on how to set goals, plan for changes, promote your changes and evaluate your work. You will also find sample resources from other facilities and communities that have implemented healthy choices, such as healthy recipes, sample policies, contracts and RFPs, and ideas for action to help you reach your goals.

Everything you need is on this website. If you would like to download a PDF of the Toolkit you can print or work from, you can download it here



See what the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention (APCCP) is doing  with their Food Action in Recreation Environments (FARE) project.