Step 2: Present Assessment results and set your healthy choices goals

If you haven’t already secured buy-in from senior management to make changes to your facility’s food services, now is the time to do it. Presenting your facility’s assessment and audit results will help to strengthen the need for change. A template PowerPoint presentation is available for you as a starting point to present your results to senior management.

You may also wish to share assessment and audit results with staff and community partners to encourage widespread support for making changes.

This is also a time to set your healthy choices goals. You might decide at this point to create policy or develop mission and vision statements to help you formalize these goals.

Tips from facility staff

  • Support from senior management is vital
  • Create a Healthy Choices Committee or use an existing committee
    • A committee with key stakeholders such as senior management, staff, patrons, vending operator and community nutritionist can use members’ influence and expertise to your advantage.
    • See Recruiting a Healthy Choices Committee for tips on how do put one together.
  • Consult with all stakeholders
    • Having buy-in from management, staff, patrons, community partners and vending operators make the process more successful.
    • Communicating the goals and policies with vendors is key and they need to be supportive in order to make things successful.
    • Educating your patrons will help to ensure they are more responsive to the changes.